Reputation Resumé – Andreas Franson

Senior Analyst, founder of Internet Intelligence Nordic AB

My professional reputation:

With inspiration, strong commitment and focus on results, Andreas makes the difficult simple, and creates real commercial benefit for the customer. Andreas has great and strong commitment, with a clear focus on delivering customer benefit. He quickly engages in the customer’s issues and prioritises in order to achieve good and quick delivery. Andreas has a unique combination of being both analytical and creative. He is a visionary, who is very driven when it comes to creating new practical solutions for the customer. Andreas is very structured, creates clear objectives and leaves nothing to chance – everything is worked through. With humility and unusually good social skills, he makes the difficult easy for everyone. Andreas quickly immerses himself in operations, prioritises important factors and creates trust rapidly. He is very good at completing and following up and, with his pedagogic ability, quickly creates acceptance among customers. He sees the greater connections, inspires with his comprehensive knowledge and his high level of ambition. Andreas is good at converting his problem-solving into real commercial benefit for the customer. He sees the challenges facing the sector and can offer advanced solutions. Customers can expect quick results when they consult Andreas.