I take you from guesses to fact-based decisions!

You have a strategy that states why you are doing what you are, what you should do and how to achieve it. But do you have access to information that helps you to realise the strategy? You have a multitude of activities in progress within the company, but do you measure how they contribute to the company’s goals?

A data-driven company focuses on the data that is relevant for the strategy and goals of the operation. Resources are invested into assuring the quality of the data and making it accessible. Through advanced analysis, the data is refined to provide decision-making support. Great emphasis is placed on this decision-making support reaching the right persons at the right time; not just when it is expressly requested, but at those times when the information is relevant. A data-driven company evaluates previous decisions and makes follow-up part of the basis for future decisions.

The potential of company data is seriously underutilised. I want to release this potential and thereby give you a strong competitive advantage on your market.

My services

CAO – Chief Analytical Officer

A CAO (Chief Analytical Officer) is as important to a company as a CIO. These are also two roles that complement each other superbly. As responsible for analysis, you know the ways in which data can be used to drive the company’s profitability. It is on this basis that system choice and development of the IT infrastructure should rest.

As CAO, I am responsible for safeguarding and developing the analysis operation within the company. The purpose of this is to produce, in an efficient way, the best possible decision-making support to the company management and for the business operation.

Data Driven Change Management

I review how your organisation is working today, and help you to implement necessary changes in order to make you a more data-driven organisation. Several parts of the operation will be involved:

  • How are your organised?
  • How do different functions collaborate with each other?
  • What are the roles, and what are the competencies?
  • How are strategies and goals formulated and communicated?
  • How good is the access to and quality assurance of data?
  • Is there system support?
  • Are there information and decision-making processes within the company?

Please contact me on +44 (0)733-564151 or andreas@internetintelligence.se for a more in-depth discussion.